Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crocs...The Love Affair That Began at 18 Months

Crocs...what can I say, well my Lil Wee's love affair with them began when he was about 18 months old. A local store was having a going out of business sale and I came across a pair of little size 8 Mammoth Crocs. I thought, well these are cute (this would be my first croc purchase) and Lil Wee might like them and if he didn't like them or they didn't fit him no big deal only $1.00.

Well he is now 28 months old and he LOVES his crocs, refuses to wear any other shoe. He loves the Furry Fleece Lining, and the fact that it is a slip on that he can try and put on himself. He wears them all the time, he calls them his slippers and his shoes and is never without them. It is really so bittersweet how a little pair of $1.00 Crocs sitting all alone on a store shelf found a perfect home on the feet of a little boy. I am so saving this pair! What a memory...the first shoes that were his Precious Little Tootsies First Love...Crocs!

Made of the same innovative genuine croslite™ material as original Crocs™ shoes, Crocs clogs for boys and girls are odor-resistant, ergonomic, and lightweight. Crocs™ liners are removable and hand-washable for easy care.

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